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Removal of PCBs at a public School

A Massachusetts school was preparing for a window replacement project in 2012 and began their phase one testing for the middle school in the summer of 2011. During preliminary asbestos testing, the industrial hygienist found elevated PCB levels in the dust throughout the school. Further investigation revealed the caulking around the windows contained PCBs and the presence of mastic adhesive containing both asbestos and PCBs attached to the back of the structural ceiling tiles. These tiles covered the ceilings of both floors of the building.

Here is the predicament that the school was in. Air sampling and dust wipe revealed elevated levels of PCBs levels greater than 50 ppm which the EPA considers harmful. They needed to fix this problem safely, cost effectively and BEFORE the students showed up for the first day of school in less than 40 days.

Dec-Tam was contacted for several reasons:

In summary, Dec-Tam delivered. We:

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Project Highlights

Public School Southeastern Massachusetts

PCB Remediation

Project Summary
Full Containment / Neg Air / Double Shifts / Met tight schedule

Removal of PCBs at School

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